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Accreditation is vital to higher education. Certification from an accrediting agency identifies an institution as a credible and reliable provider of education, and allows graduates the opportunity to pursue careers they have trained for.

AAL provides customized analysis and support to help institutions meet the demands of regional and national accreditation processes. AAL has worked with numerous U.S. and international schools to assess and develop their accreditation needs. Through its staff and consultants, AAL has tremendous expertise with all U.S. regional and academic healthcare accreditation agencies, as well as with accrediting organizations across the world.

Whether your institution is adding a new program and you require initial accreditation, or you are an existing program that requires an assessment for an upcoming accreditation site visit, AAL's years of proven experience can guide and provide solutions for your group.

For more information on how AAL can assist your institution with its accreditation needs, please contact AAL Vice President, Dr. Tobias Rodriguez.