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AAL Informatics Formed as the Exclusive Licensee of New Assessment Technology

XComP™ (eXtensible Competencies Platform) is a cutting edge technology that will redefine student and program assessment. XComP™ was invented by Dr. R. Todd Watkins, Jr., Assistant Dean of Dental Education and Informatics at East Carolina University (ECU). In 1994, as founder, President and CEO of VitalSource, Dr. Watkins guided the development and delivery of the first XML-based electronic book platform which is currently the most used e-textbook technology in the world. XComP™’s patented method utilizes sets of microcompetencies as the building blocks for competencies. In its curriculum mapping application, XComP™ tags microcompetencies to every learning objective. Microcompetencies are also linked to six different assessment methodologies, including OSCEs, problem-based learning, case-based learning, multiple choice exams, discussion, and clinical performance. XComP™ “normalizes” student performance across all these different methodologies to provide a composite, authentic assessment of the individual student and cohorts of students. For accreditation, XComP™ is unparalleled in the data it provides in real time about the curriculum and student outcomes. The technology will be available for use in higher education, including health professions education, this summer.

AAL has formed a separate corporation, AAL Informatics, as the exclusive licensee of XComP™.

See the full news release here.

For more information, please visit www.aalgroup.org/xcomp

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