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Institute for the Collaboration
of Health Educators

The Institute for the Collaboration of Health Educators (ICHE) is an online course designed with an interprofessional, collaborative approach for teaching effectively in an integrated environment.


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ICHE Overview

(Next Course Offered in 2019)


Developing Cases for an Integrated Experience 

The review of a case study requires you to step figuratively into the position of a particular decision maker, specifically to identify, analyze, and to propose solutions to the problem using data analysis, technology, and other research tools. The purpose of this course is to develop case-based learning strategies to improve student outcomes in a multidisciplinary learning environment.

Learning Objectives:

The computer hardware and software requirements are very basic. To participate, all you need is a PC, Mac or laptop and an Internet connection. Your telephone or cellphone can be used for full audio participation.

Recommended web browsers:

  • Firefox release 12 or higher
  • Internet Explorer release 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X release 10.6 or higher
  • Google Chrome

Long before the first online session of each course, you will have a chance to test your system to make sure it conforms to some minimal software requirements, and you'll be able to download any free software that your system needs. Technical assistance also will be available to you.