"Dan Gasaway took direct, personal action
to advocate for my insurance needs at a time when our state health system was robbing me of my ability to stay with the oncologist who had been treating me.

After treating me for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for the last 7 years, my oncologist abruptly notified me that he could no longer treat me, since our Georgia State Health Benefit Plan's new provider would not be including his physician group in the new plan.

The pending financial impact and emotional stress of losing my trusted medical support team drove me to immediately contact area legislators for help. I emailed four of them: one never responded, and two others emailed me with information a week later.

Only Dan Gasaway responded immediately, within 2 hours. He provided professional, up-to-date information to help me understand my situation—and reassured me that he would personally seek help for me with the State Insurance Commissioner's office. Within days, my oncologist was once again included in our state's Health Network, and my treatment continued uninterrupted.

Dan has served me and our House District 28 in an exemplary manner and in my opinion deserves the opportunity to continue representing us in that position."

—Dianne Sisk Hardy
Former Educator, Habersham County

• Current Legislation

Representative Gasaway is actively authoring and co-sponsoring legislation on a regular basis while the legislature is in session.

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• Ensuring Effective Representation for the 28th District

Effective representation begins with constituent contact.   Returning phone calls and answering emails is a top priority for Dan, as well as meeting face-to-face with constituents.  While at the state capitol, Dan has worked tirelessly for the people of the 28th district, working to protect the rights of taxpayers and preserve second amendment rights.

• Supporting Economic Development

As a legislator, Dan's goal is to continue to support tax policy that makes Georgia an attractive state for new businesses, as well as tax policy that strengthens existing businesses. Dan also believes it is important to make wise economic development decisions that do not create future financial liability for the tax payers. Dan supports the continued implementation of a sound and cohesive economic development strategy for the rural parts of the state. The Georgia House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker Ralston, created a Rural Development Council that began traveling the state in the summer of 2017. House Resolution 389 acknowledges that despite an overall, steady economic recovery for the state as a whole, rural portions of Georgia have not shared proportionately in the recovery, and that lag is being exacerbated as rural areas are losing population. Because the challenges facing rural development are distinct, the resolution calls for an intensive, two-year working group to learn about the unique issues impairing the stabilization and potential growth of these valuable communities. Moreover, the breadth of the committee's study is to include the interrelated components that maintain and enrich the success of a community's growth and well-being, such as: education, health care, infrastructure and industries.

• Protecting Gun Rights

Dan Gasaway sponsored HB 60, The Georgia Right to Carry Act, which now allows permit holders to carry firearms in government buildings that do not have active security screening—and to carry firearms in bars and churches with the consent of property owners. Boards of Education can now choose to arm personnel at schools; hunters can now use mufflers; and Georgia's governor cannot confiscate firearms or deny a person the right to possess a weapon during a State of Emergency.

Because of Dan’s strong 2nd Amendment stance, he is endorsed by the NRA and Georgia Carry.org.

• Reversing Obamacare

Dan Gasaway was an original sponsor of HB 707, the Georgia Healthcare Freedom Act. This bill stops the use of Georgians' taxpayer money or state employees' time from furthering the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. It also prohibits Georgia from creating an insurance exchange. Obamacare ignores the severe financial problems facing our state's rural hospitals.

• Protecting the Rights of the Unborn

Dan was a member of the Georgia General Assembly when it passed The Federal Abortion Mandate Opt-Out Act, which made it illegal for taxpayer money to be used to fund elective abortions. In addition, this bill put into law that the State Health Benefit Plan will not cover elective abortions. Because of Dan's strong support of this legislation, he continues to be endorsed by Georgia Right to Life.

• Placing Limits on Federal Spending (Article V - Convention of the States)

Our national debt is over 20 trillion dollars, and HB 794 sponsored by Dan Gasaway reflects the will of the Georgia General Assembly to join other states in calling for a Constitutional Convention to stop our nation's ballooning federal debt by adding an amendment to the U. S. Constitution that requires a balanced budget.

• Revitalizing Georgia’s Education System

Our country and state have emerged from the worst economic contraction since the 1930's. Cuts were made to all areas of state government. Education is over half the entire state budget, and cuts were unavoidable. Since recovering, we have seen the largest increases to state education spending in the history of Georgia. Prior to the economic crash, Georgia was at the top among southeastern states in education spending per student. This history shows that the people of Georgia are willing to invest heavily in education. As education funding increases, it is important that we continue to look for efficiencies in how taxpayer money is being spent.

One of the challenges we are facing now is in the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS). Because of low investment returns, this year the state was required to put 400 million dollars into the Teachers Retirement System to prop it up. The Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight Committee of the Georgia House, of which Dan is a member, is studying this issue to see what can be done to reverse this trend.

• Protecting our Region’s Natural Resources

As a founding member of the Savannah River Caucus, Dan worked with a team of Georgia and South Carolina legislators to influence the Corps of Engineers to focus on economic development factors when making lake level decisions. Working to keep Lake Hartwell full all summer will have a huge impact on our northeast Georgia economy.

One of Dan's recent environment-related legislative projects relates to waste coal ash being imported into Georgia from other states. Dan does not believe Georgia should become the dumping ground for other states. During the 2018 session of the General Assembly, Dan introduced House Bill 975, a bill to impose an excise tax on coal ash. This bill would create a tool the General Assembly could use to curb this waste from coming to our state by simply increasing the tax. Coal Ash disposal is a national issue and because of federal legislation will be an issue for the next 10 years as all states that have used coal to generate electricity will be looking for a place to dispose of this waste. Georgia does not need to be this dumping ground.